New Features

Narrative Order

Timeline 3 supports two different ways of ordering events. Events can exist in a single order or both.

Date order is a chronological order of your events. This is sorted by the date of an event if it exists.

Narrative order is a structured, hierarchical order independent of dates. This is useful for non-linear story telling where events are ordered into Chapters or Scenes.

Example of subway view

New Views

Along with Timeline View and Relationship View, there are a number of new views in Timeline 3 to help you view and understand your data. Explore Spreadsheet, Subway, Mindmap, and Narrative views!

Event Types

Events can have different types (eg. Epic/Task for project management, Flashback/Backstory for fiction writing) allowing you to further organise your data.

Split Views

Split your screen into multiple sections to see different data or different views side by side. Drag events between views to easily add events to different view types.

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